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Unique id for generic payload object

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Hi All
Basically for debugging purpose I want to trace every transaction (Tx) going around in my model. I would like to assign an ID to each Tx so that it becomes easy to trace them. I have following questions in this context. I am in early stages of using TLM .
1. What is best way to annotate each Tx ?
a) I am thinking of using extensions in generic payload - following ./tlm-2/examples/lock_example.cpp
b) Could there be some generic TLM classes in open source that people developed for this specific purpose ? I am thinking of wrappers around core gp, and enhanced sockets classes which could facilitate monitoring and logging of Tx using IDs.
2. What is best way to switch between debug and release version - wherein debug version each Tx is traced ? I guess, like 1.b, I am again asking if you know of open source wrapper classes which can facilitate this in run time ?

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Dear TLM Experts,

Could someone please shed some light on this ? I have been able to create a transactionID using extension in GP. In order to trace how each transaction is progressing in my system, I am thinking of using transport_dbg API of sockets, such that every time a socket sends or receives a Tx - it will get logged. Would this be right / clean way of logging every Tx ? I am not clear yet about who would call transport_dbg (with in socket class) after I register a callback for transport_dbg ?  Also when is transport_dbg called when Tx travels via non blocking interfaces of an initiator or target sockets ?


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