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  1. Many thanks for your reply, David. I will have a look of your courses. AT is used to model interconnect and bus protocols. I think these products would focus on their transmission delay ,speed , bandwitdh . These statistics are highly relevant with clock and time. Is it possible to assess interconnect and bus protocol with only approximate time? And if my product is bus protocol, is it practical to use socket to abstract communication ? Could you please specify what metrics we can get from AT to do architectural analysis? Br,
  2. I'm just new to TLM. I'd like to discuss some doubts I have. 1 AT: My understanding of AT is , TLM seperates the commucation to phases . During commucation , callback functions can indicate sender and receiver which phases are they in. In principle, we can create as many phases as RTL has. But it is not necesssay to be that accurate if my model is fucus on functionality. Delay parameter is used to modelize the hardware delay. One question is when should we use AT model. (1) if I want to modelize a protocol , i need accurate time modeling (instead of approximate model)(2) if i want to
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