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Problem with uvm_object_utils

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Hi All,

I am getting following error message while using `uvm_object_utils to register a sequence :


  1)  m_do_cycle_check is not a class item

  2)  Expecting a function name

  3)  m_uvm_cycle_scopes is not a class item.



Please let me know if any one knows about these issues.



Thanks and Regards,


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I see errors like this when the macro is not called correctly. Check these:

  1. If the object is parameterized you should be using `uvm_object_param_utils (<object_name>#(<parameters>)).
  2. make sure that the argument to the macro contains the name of the class and there are no typos.
  3. Make sure the registration macro isn't called more than once.

Other than that, it would be helpful to see your source code.

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class addr_hole_seq extends uvm_sequence # (uvm_sequence_item);

In the code you've parameterized with uvm_sequence_item - is that what you meant to do? Or do you have some transaction class derived from uvm_sequence_item that should be used as the parameter?



P.S. As Dave says, the exact error message would be helpful.

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