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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply. There were some factory registration issues. It is resolved . Thanks and Regards, GG
  2. Thanks for the reply. Here is the sequence: class addr_hole_seq extends uvm_sequence # (uvm_sequence_item); `uvm_object_utils(addr_hole_seq) After this the tool reports the error. Thanks and Regards, GG
  3. Hi All, I am getting following error message while using `uvm_object_utils to register a sequence : 1) m_do_cycle_check is not a class item 2) Expecting a function name 3) m_uvm_cycle_scopes is not a class item. Please let me know if any one knows about these issues. Thanks and Regards, GG
  4. Hi, I was trying to do some register testing , so following issues came up. Just wanted to know if UVM provide direct functions to check the following?? 1) Starting and End Address of the reg model ? 2) Whether a register exists on a particular address? Please let me know these. Thanks and Regards, GG
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Even I thought so. But in my case , I have a 32 bit register and define only 17 bits out of it. When I use the inbuilt bi-bash sequence , it bashes even on 18th bit , which creates a problem. Is there anything I am missing? Thanks and Regards, GG
  6. Hi, I have a doubt. For e.g. in a 32 bit register only 5 bits are used while rest are reserved or unused. What setting I need to do in register model so that reserved bits are never touched or tested?? For the complete register we can set attribute, but what should be done for some bits of a register?? Thanks and Regards, Gaurav Gupta
  7. Hi, I have created a basic test for register testing. I am using the in-built register sequence i.e. uvm_reg_hw_reset_seq. But I was wondering how to pass my register model to this sequence, as otherwise it gives an error. Thanks a lot for your help, Regards, GG
  8. Thanks a lot . This means if I have UVM register model and adapter class, I am good to go?? Thanks, GG
  9. Hi, For the next project we are porting our methodology to UVM. I have one basic question, whether UVM supports RGM or it is completely RAL now?? Also is RAL supported by Cadence?? Thanks a lot, Regards, Gaurav
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