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Check if string is 'inside' an enum

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Is there an easy (concise, maybe one-liner) way to check if a string is 'inside' an enum?


typedef enum {alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon} my_enum;
string my_string;
my_string = <something>; 

//I know this is not possible, but I try to do something like this
if (my_string inside {my_enum.names})  // where names would imply all of the enumeration option strings


I try to avoid walking thru all of the enumerated values, which is what I currently do (and which works fine).

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have a look at uvm_enum_wrapper in uvm12+. you could simply do the following (untested)


class myenumwrapper#(type T) extends uvm_enum_wrapper#(T);

static function bit is_inside(string x); return map.exists(x); endfunction


// and later




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Make it easy. Do a type cast to string. See below the code:

module top;

typedef enum {alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon} my_enum;
string   my_string;
my_enum  state;

initial begin
  state = beta;
  my_string = string'(state.name);
  $display("string = %s", my_string);


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@uwes, thank you.  For better or worse, the project that I work on for this does not use UVM.  (Yes, I realize that this is a UVM forum and that my question is just a vanilla SV one.)   I'll keep this response you sent in mind for the future and look forward to trying it.  That looks like a clear and terse solution - which is what I look for.  (Hopefully my next project uses UVM.)

@chr_sue, Thanks.  But what I try to do is the reverse.  i.e. to see if the value of my_string (which is of type string) is one of the my_enum states.   So, using the cast style you show, I'd need to cast each state of my_enum to string, and then compare it.  As it is, I can just do a direct compare to see if there is a match, without any cast.   Thank you, though.  You got me thinking about this differently.

For now, I just walk thru my_enum and check each state for a match with my_string, to see if my_string has a legal value.

(To provide some more details, I am checking that a command-line input plusarg string is of a legal value for the test.  The legal values are stored as an enum.  Storing them as an enum allows them to be used elsewhere; as opposed to just having an array of legal string values.)

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