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Thanks Barindra,

Hello Gustn,

The ubus monitor files, located in the UVM installation at examples/integ/ubus/sv show when/where to use the begin_tr/end_tr and associated syntax. You can also find usage of transaction recording in the UVM Reference Flow (download from the uvmworld contributions area). If you download this example - you can find the APB UVC example in $UVM_REF_HOME/soc_verification_lib/sv_cb_ex/interface_uvc_lib/apb. Transaction recording is done in the collector and the monitor.

Now - for vendor-specific transaction recording. The Cadence version of UVM includes built-in transaction recording and transactions will automatically be recorded if you point to this version and use the set_config_int("*", "recording_detail", UVM_FULL); syntax shown above.

Good Luck!


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This so-call "Hooks" mechanism only records transactions from sequencers automatically when you turn on the recording scheme.

As I know, Information could be recorded as below list.

1. Stream name,scope

2. Transaction name ,begin and end time.

3. Attribute name and value

4. Relation between sub-sequence and sequence

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