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  1. Within Any verification component. // Start transaction recording. void'(this.begin_tr(MonDataItem, "MonitorDataItem")); ..... this.end_tr(MonDataItem); From 'UVM test class' // Enable transaction recording. set_config_int("*", "recording_detail", UVM_FULL); Regards, Barindra
  2. Hi All, This is not the issue with objection mechnism. Timeout is coming because "run_phase" method of "uvm_test" is not ending properly. The default value for the phase_timeout limit is controlled by `UVM_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT macro and has a default timeout value of 9200 seconds. Therefore that timeout error message is being reported. This value can be changed by using the set_global_timeout() method. When all objection are droped properly, an implicit global_stop_request() is called to end the test. if anyone is not using objection mechnism then have to use global_stop_request() method from test to complete or end up the simulation. Regards, Barindra Ghosh
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