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how to start working with uvm

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i have understood all topics of uvm but i am not understanding how to start uvm testbench. do i need to develop test module first or do i need to start from uvm_sequence_item ,then uvm_sequences,sequencer,driver,monitor,agent....

my question is do i need to develop testbench from top to bottom or from bottom to top?


at each stage i want to check whether developed code is correct or not.

how can i do it?


suppose i develop a sequence item ,i can randomize and check various patterns generated.

but if i would like to check driver or monitor or sequencer or any other component of uvm ,what method should be followed.



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First of all develop Top file, and instance TEST file in it.

than develop another file, and add your functionality (eg. Display, Vairable, etc.) in it. and check the correctness or connectivity between Test or Top file.

Than develop sequence item, and randomize it and again check for the display.

And proceed in this way.

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suppose i have to develop top,test,env1,env2,both env has 2 agents which are active,agents and env have to be configured. now plese tell me the order in which i should start developing my uvm testbench.


at the first stage do i need to put exact tests and configuration


just put messages and then start developing from sequence item,sequences,driver,monitor,agent,env....

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UVM takes a while to put in place. Personally, I design from the top-down and then implement/test from the bottom up with a small test case for each level. Start with transaction classes. Test all the methods in a trivial test case. Next design trivial sequences (send a single item). Then create an agent. You may need to create dummy DUT to source or sink accross the interface. It takes time. The first time around always takes much longer.

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