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UVM 1.2 , run_phase deprecation, and pre-compiling uvm base class

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Q1) Is there truth to the hearsay that the Technical Committee (UVM Working Group) will/might remove run_phase's twelve sub phases (pre_reset, reset, etc.)?  If so, when might we expect it?


Q2) When is UVM 1.2 expected?


Q3) I am just looking into precompiling the uvm base class for our testbenches.  (I suppose that I would need two versions, one with -linedebug and one w/o.)   Does anyone have any comments about pre-compiling the UVM base class as I now work thru an example?

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- there are no plans to remove the 12 runtime phases


- release of uvm12 will be towards end of the year


- precompiling uvm usually isnt giving you that much (since the heavy part is usually elaboration of the tb). the steps required depend upon your vendor.



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  1. Although there are no current plans to remove the 12 runtime phases, the committee has in the past considered making backward incompatible changes. (http://forums.accellera.org/topic/926-runtime-synchronization-survey-question-6-of-6/) . Given the amount of time the committee has spend in the last two years trying to resolve a large number of open issues, and the fact that there a number of reasonable alternatives to the UVM phasing, I recommend staying away from it.

UVM 1.2 is now pushed back to beginning of 2014

Precompiling the UVM is not necessary unless you are running lots (100s) of small tests, or you have network filesystem issues. It's just provided as a convenience for people just getting started with the UVM. In tools that support separate compilation, you can compile the UVM package into different work libraries and select the appropriate work library when you compile your test.

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