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Unified Verification environment for bridges (UVM)

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      I want to develop an unified verification environment for some bridges, so i started by fixing the structure that i want to make      

 1) I will have one generic scoreboard, env_top, test, and tb_top

2) The agents of this bridges will be connected in the first time with FIFO, and FIFO will be connected to Scoreboard

3) For having the Coverage, can I have the coverage on the connection between FIFO and Scoreboard ?

I want to know if this is right structure to follow ? else i will be gratful to receive other propositions.


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Perhaps you meant Universal  Verification Methodology per this forum and the standard? 😉

With respect to your question:

Yes, you can put coverage at that point, but keep in mind that Functional Coverage is with respect to the functions in your design. We don't cover items because we can. We cover items that pertain to the Functional Specification of the design. Functional coverage should be designed up front in the verification plans and approved by the design team ideally including the product customers.


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I'm beginner and i'm trying to develop this unified environment, my goal is to be able to group the maximum of bridges in the same environment. For this, I am looking for a bridge that can be checked in this environment. This will be developed taking into account the metrics (coverage).

This environment will contain at first only one bridge, then in the second step I will add some bridges according to the possibility and if there are common spec between them.

According to what I explained above: What is the right structure of this unified environment to develop it?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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