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Unable to set object and retrive it when needed.


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I have extended my_test_config from uvm_ojbect.

I then use

my_test_config = my_test_config::type_id::create("my_test_config);

set_config_object("*.my_env", "cfg", my_test_config);

But when I print_topology() I get the following

Name Type Size Value

my_env top_env - @505

cfg object - <null>

Could someone help me sort this out. The problem my_test_config is supposed to override my default configuration in my_env

So when I use

uvm_config_db#(my_test_config)::get(this, "", "cfg", cfg);

It fails and hits uvm_fatal

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Bala,

If you use set_config_object in your testbench, the type associated with my_test_config is uvm_object. So when you do the get() with my_test_config type it can't find it. I suggest that you use the following instead.

Use uvm_config_object::set() in your test or testbench. I believe this syntax is new in UVM1.1a and replaces set_config_object.

Then in your component, if you have used the UVM automation macros, the cfg will automatically get applied during the build_phase() method when apply_config_settings() is executed.

The advantage here is that you get() the config automatically if you use uvm_config_object::set()

Optionally you can to use uvm_config_object::get() directly in the env.

The disadvantage of using uvm_config_object::set() is that it is not checked during compile/elaboration time. The failure would occur during run-time instead.

I hope this helps!


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