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A void value confusion


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In my testbench

     void Dendrit_Set(int index, int value)
       { *mNeuron->dendrit[index].write(value);}

     Neuron* mNeuron;

I receive the error message

 error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
      { *mNeuron->dendrit[index].write(value);}

The relevant declaration/definition

typedef sc_dt::sc_uint<DENDRIT_WIDTH> SC_DENDRIT_TYPE;

SC_MODULE(Neuron) {
    // Ports
    sc_signal<SC_DENDRIT_TYPE > dendrit[NO_OF_DENDRITS];

What is wrong here? (I simple do not understand the error message)

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Hello @katang,

The compiler message is quite right as mentioned by @Eyck.

The Compiler sees the code something like this:

void Dendrit_Set(int index, int value)

Basically the operator precedence is at play here(refer here for more details).

Compiler sees that you are trying to dereference a void type, since the write method of the sc_signal returns void.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards,

Ameya Vikram Singh

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Based on what I see, the * shouldn't even be there at all since the -> takes care of it.

Either use:




However, I'm more concerned that you're not using ports to access members of a module (assuming Dendrit_Set is not part of module Neuron). That violates a rather fundamental principle of SystemC. It's legal C++, but questionable SystemC.

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