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  1. Can you share some more code ? Where are you calling the function Dendrit_Set
  2. @ANKUR SAINI What is your distro ? There are reports of same errors on CentOS . Is your GCC part of the Distro or are you using the one provided by any third party tool vendor ?
  3. Hi remove the line stafx.h and try using std::cin instead of gets.
  4. Remove the include line stafx.h, as far as the differences are considered between Visual Studio and Linux certain header files will be different between them.
  5. Hi please see sc_fifo for your requirement. sc_fifo provides both blocking & non-blocking calls . Blocking call will wait until a slot is free.
  6. Hi Ziga, Since you are using sc_inout_resolved in both files & since ACK in I2C is a '0' I am assuming you are parking the SDA line to '1' from master.cpp which is getting resolved as '1' , hence you are not getting ACK.
  7. Hi Ziga, Since you are using sc_inout_resolved in both files & since ACK in I2C is a '0' I am assuming you are parking the SDA line to '1' from master.cpp which is getting resolved as '1' , hence you are not getting ACK.
  8. Hi Ziga, How are you connecting the ports b/w those two modules, have you used sc_signal_resolved for connection? Can you provide an mcve code ?
  9. I am suspecting it should be , memory[0]->d(d[0]); Please check it and let me know.
  10. Before the break statement you can change the state HTRANS = new_state.
  11. Can you post the error message ? A cursory glance at the code reveals you trying to access an out-of-bonds bit. ff is 8-bit wide and the for loop goes beyond that.
  12. Glad that I was of help. You can format the code by first pasting the code here and then selecting the code and clicking on <> present in the options.
  13. Hi it works for me , here is the code // main.cpp #include <systemc> #include "my_module.h" using namespace sc_core; int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) { my_module my_module_i("my_module_i"); sc_start(); return 0; } // my_module.h #include <systemc> using namespace sc_core; // my_module.h #ifndef MY_MODULE_H #define MY_MODULE_H #include <systemc> SC_MODULE(my_module) { // this constructor works //SC_CTOR(my_module); // this constructor doesn't work my_module(sc_module_name nm); };//endclass #endif & // my_module.cpp #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::endl; #include <systemc> #include "my_module.h" using namespace sc_core; SC_HAS_PROCESS(my_module); my_module::my_module(sc_module_name nm) : sc_module(nm) { cout << "Hello world" << endl; } I used g++ costr.cpp my_module.cpp -lsystemc to compile. Can you check this if it works? else can you post your compiler errors?
  14. Hi Hooman, Please see sc_event_or_list for your requirement. An example can be found here https://www.doulos.com/knowhow/systemc/new_standard/
  15. Wait will cause the current sc thread to yield. It's not synthesizable .
  16. Is the public Base also an sc_module?
  17. Can we see the implementation details of your Tx methods ? Currently there is not much information to make out anything.
  18. Hi, You can try to inherit Class Base as virtual in Class A & Class B. Will that work for you ?
  19. Hi Rashmi11, sc_in < sc_uint<4> > wptr; This is a declaration for an sc_in port. sc_in port =operator is private hence not accessible. Since its an in port you can only read values from it and not write to it. Regards Kartik
  20. Hi , Release version will not contain symbols as it will reduce the performance and/or will result in debug prints. Regards, Kartik
  21. You might be missing the PATH to SystemC Library . In makefile please check for the variable which is used to mention Library Paths and add it. You can also edit your .bashrc file export LD_SYSTEMC=/home/systemC/systemc-2.2.0/lib-linux/ export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/systemC/systemc-2.2.0/include/
  22. Can you expand on what is your project about ? Is it about architecture exploration , algorithm verification or model of any IP?
  23. Hi, You can use this utility to issue SCSI commands to your device on linux http://sg.danny.cz/sg/sg3_utils.html.
  24. SC_MODULE (dff) { sc_in <bool> clk;sc_in <bool> din;sc_out <bool> dout,; void dff_method() { dout=din;} SC_CTOR (dff) {SC_METHOD (dff_method);sensitive_pos << clk;}}; Add the semi colon at the end. I compiled this code It works fine . In GTK-Wave you have to click on the System C icon below SST and then add all the signals which appear on the window below .
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