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Where to pick BCL uvmworld or simulator installation ?

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I am a beginner in UVM. I would like to know where should one pick UVM base library. UVM world or the one which is provided in simulator installation by vendor.

I was told that UVM BCL in simulator package may be slightly different and have some bug fixes. Any suggestions on preference criteria ?


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The UVM BCL shipped with Questa is the same one released on the Accellera website. Using this vendor supplied kit saves you a number of compilation steps, especially compiling the required DPI libraries as well as automatically supplying the necessary command line switches to access the macros and libraries. Questa 10.1 now includes an extra UVM debug package the is layered on top of the UVM BCL, without modifying the library as we did previously with the OVM package. The debug package includes hooks for logging messages and transactions in the waveform database. There will be a paper at DVCon 2012 describing this package.

Depending on the timing of releases, the vendor supplied kit might be behind the latest Accellera release. That should become less of an issue as the UVM matures.

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the accellera distribution should run on all simulators the same way given you do some steps upfront (compile dpi if required). the uvm release inside the vendor install typically contains additional goodies (messaging improvements, transaction recording, simulator interface improvements, eventually multi language capabilities etc.)


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All big 3 have explainned the advantages to use the bcl they provided above, I help to find why some people still chose to use the one download from accellera.

1. You could switch the bcl to vendors' one easily, and gain all advantages mentioned in previous replies. (if you have only one simulator, this does not help until you want to try another one)

2. uvm-1.1a fixed many issues and released several weeks ago, which should be newer than the installation. so to use this way sometimes help to isolate the bug is in simulator or bcl, which help to solve it sooner.

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