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Catching SVA errors in UVM test

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I have a third-party SVA interface checker that I can't modify... It will report errors when interface protocol is violated, but my "UVM world" is oblivious to it and will report the test as passing as no UVM component reported an error.

Is there a way to "catch" the SVA assertions firing and react to them from within UVM, without modifying the SVA checker?

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i dont think there is a direct way with your constraints inside uvm. the options are:

1. you can edit your checker: simply throw the uvm error in the else error

Setup_label: assert property (code_update_setup_check_prop) else uvm_report_error("SVA","some error");

2. if you cant modify you can still use the simulator capability, query the assertion state and push the info into uvm.

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If you are paying for 3rd party SVA checkers, then you should request that they provide UVM-aware code so that you can catch the errors. - you are the customer.

If your only interest is caching overall test pass/fail, then your simulator may already have this capability. Questa records a TESTSTATUS based on the most severe message produced by your simulation run in the UCDB (Unified Coverage Database) file.

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