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named event to trigger between class and module

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We (as an industry) normally use virtual interfaces to communicate between the module 'world' and the class 'world' of SystemVerilog.  Right?**


Can anyone comment on the use of events (named events) for class<-->module communication?  Good?  Bad?  Gothchas?


Scenario: A test wants to send a signal (trigger) to the top (where the DUT is instantiated).

Creating a 1b interface to transmit this trigger seems like overkill, but that is what I did.  I had some trouble triggering on an event between module and class. Hierarchy problems.  I did not try passing the event thru the config_db - if that even makes sense (is possible).


**Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the way I see it.  I'm sure the UVM base class has a sea of code that I don't understand.


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We hacked around with this tonight @ http://www.meetup.com/SystemVerilog-Social-Club-Silicon-Valley


Here is the code.   I think the uvm added to some confusion for me.   Maybe tomorrow I'll replace the interface I used.

// From SVSC meetup, 2015 July 20
// Some code we hacked around with.
// Trying to get event to trigger between module and class.
// Play: 
//   Swap A1 and A2. 
//   Switch the locations of the initial blocks, so order compiler
//    encounters them differs.
//   Comment out/in B1, to adjust the triggering of the event

class event_holder;
   event class_e;

   function new();
      $display(" pre trigger.");      
      ->$root.top.top_e;    //or even just ->top.top_e;
      $display(" post trigger.");      
endclass : event_holder

module top;
   event top_e;

   initial begin
      event_holder m_event_holder;
      $display(" Start ** ** **.");
      #1;  //B1

   initial begin
      $display(" pre event.");
      @top_e;                   //A1
      //wait(top_e.triggered);  //A2
      $display(" post event.");

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Hi! Does anyone have a good idea of how to synchronize the other way around, i.e. make UVM class to wait for a system verilog event in a DUT module?

module DUT

event  done;



class test extends test_base;

   virtual task run_phase(uvm_phase phase);
      wait($root.DUT.done); // not working
   endtask : run_phase



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