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compare() method with kind option?

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In UVM, is there anything in the uvm_object::compare method or uvm_comparer policy to implement a different comparison similar to the VMM compare() kind argument? For example, I would like a mechanism to be able to select between doing a full compare of all object members or a partial subset compare.



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The comparer does have an "abstract" and "physical" fields which can be used to select between full compare and those specific subsets. You can add UVM_PHYSICAL or UVM_ABSTRACT attributes to your field macros and the generated comparer will honor the abstract and physical settings of the policy object.

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Hi ptang,

I was faced with a similar situation before, in that I had to compare a few member of the seq_item. So I wrote my own comparison:

compare_values &= comparer.compare_field("field1", tx_impl_lhs.f1, tx_ref_rhs.f1, $bits(tx_impl_lhs.f1));

where comparer is an instance of uvm_comparer.

Look for uvm_comparer and do_compare in uvm ref doc.

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hello all

for comparing packets with changing layers the physical and abstract feature looks delicious

i see that in the policy classes, that if you use ABSTRACT macro for a field it will not be participating neither in the compare() nor the pack()/unpack() methods, and the PHYSICAL field will participate in those methods.

great! :)

well, not so great: :(

i expected that when i will implement my own pack/unpack functionality with the do_pack and do_unpack methods the basic pack and unpack will be overrun. they're not!

it will pack both the basic pack and my own do_pack method, causing fields to be packed/unpacked twice...

i would expect to at least an option to tell the UVM - don't pack and unpack, just do what i tell you in the do_pack() and do_unpack() methods and that's it.

so i really don't have a solution for this problem, as i have only 2 options: ABSTRACT and PHYSICAL.

if i will choose PHYSICAL some fields will be doubled in the pack method as i implement the do_ methods, and if i choose ABSTRACT the comparer will not include the fields in the compare...

if i will change the packer policy class that physical fields will not get packed (which i don't know how to do that, any help will be welcomed) i will not have the option of using the basic pack()/unpack() method when i see that they are sufficient.

thanks for listening,

will appreciate a good answer to my problems.


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this is indeed the solution - neglecting the ABSTRACT and PHYSICAL macros and using the other ones - UVM_NOPACK, UVM_NOCOMPARE and etc.

i was looking for a solution that will allow me to use ONLY these two, i guess that there isn't any way, unless UVM update will have some way to disable the basic pack/unpack through the do_pack/do_unpack methods

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UVM doesn't implement a mechanism to select which fields to print / compare / ...

What I do to handle repetitive compare/print is use a int as field selector.

eg. :







... etc ...

Not super elegant, but it saves a lot of coding.

The automation macros could probably be modified to add this without too much trouble.

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