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  1. I was able to use the typedef workaround. However, I also believe this is a limitation. Thanks!
  2. Hi, When I try to use the `uvm_register_cb macro with a parameterized class, I run into the below compile problem. Error-[sE] Syntax error Following verilog source has syntax error : "scoreboard_c.svh", 178 (expanding macro): token is '#' `uvm_register_cb(scoreboard_c #(T_EXP,T_ACT), scoreboard_cb_c #(T_EXP,T_ACT)) The uvm_register_cb macro expands to the below code: /*=== scoreboard_c.svh(178), macro uvm_register_cb */ static local bit m_register_cb_scoreboard_cb_c #(T_EXP,T_ACT) = uvm_callbacks#(scoreboard_c #(T_EXP,T_ACT),scoreboard_cb_c #(T_EXP,T_ACT))::registe
  3. Hi, In UVM, is there anything in the uvm_object::compare method or uvm_comparer policy to implement a different comparison similar to the VMM compare() kind argument? For example, I would like a mechanism to be able to select between doing a full compare of all object members or a partial subset compare. Thanks, Pinh
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