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about uvm_reg::add_hdl_path_slice,can I assign a hdl varible declared as "wire""

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In rtl design, I have a wire [3:0] d signal. It's assigned with 4 signals declared as reg type.

So my question is when I try to add hdl path slice for d what should I do?

I tried to add each of the four signals as slices, then in the test backdoor write to d has problem, I can't seem to pass wdata well.

Ex: env. rm. d. write(...UVM_BACKDOOR) doesn't work.

The d is a register naming which I create a uvm reg for it.

Any input is appreciated.

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The problem is that a wire can only be driven with hld_force. The register model assumes they are modeled as regs. You did not indicate how the regs were connected to the wire, but it probably doesn't matter. SystemVerilog allows a single process to assign a reg that is connected to a wire from within a module; however, if more than a single process is involved (e.g. the register model), then wire/assign semantics follow. I suspect that is your problem. If you care to post an example of your modules and how the reg's/wire's are connected and driven, we could confirm this.

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Sorry that I did not post the example. Here it is:
Hierarchy of design:

module u_reg;

output [31:0] d_o,

wire [31:0] d;
reg a_reg;
reg b_reg;
reg c_reg;
reg d_reg;


//Each *_reg has a driver block for updating its value
//there are a few combination logic outside always block
always (posedge clk or negedge rst_n) begin
 if (!rst_n)
   a_reg = 0;
else if (we_n)
  a_reg ‹= a_reg_nxt;
decode and value calculation for a_reg here.

assign d = {28'h0,a_reg, b_reg,c_reg,d_reg};

//d is the register, and there is a output from this module, d_o:
assign d_o = d;


I tried to use the following coeds in my reg_block,

the d register has objcet name: D_reg:

   D_reg.add_hdl_path_slice("d", 0, 32);
   D_reg.add_hdl_path_slice("a_reg", 3, 1);
   D_reg.add_hdl_path_slice("b_reg", 2, 1);
   D_reg.add_hdl_path_slice("c_reg", 1, 1);
   D_reg.add_hdl_path_slice("d_reg", 0, 1);
The simulation log does show that the simulation(questasim) can resolve the hdl path, but the write data couldn't get through. The waveform dose not indicate the data changes either.
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