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running Questasim 10.2c in Cygwin using qverilog command for uvm-1.1d

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I am trying to run uvm code using qverilog command using shell script as :


qverilog \
 -timescale "1ns/1ns" \
 -mfcu \
  +acc=rmb \
  $TB_HOME/tb_top.sv \
  -R \
  -sv_lib ../../../../../win32/uvm_dpi
 -supress 2181\
  -c \
  -do "run -all; q" \
  -l questa.log

I get the error as :


** Error: ../../../../../src/uvm_pkg.sv(27): near "package": syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting class

./examples/tb_top.sv: line 1: ///*-----------------------------------------------------------------: No such file or directory

./examples/tb_top.sv: line 2: //File: No such file or directory


Where starting lines of tb_top are commented, but it is expecting file names there.

Please help.







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Thanks Dave for pointing out the -R switch ..I looked in the manual :


-R <vsim_options>
Specifies valid vsim arguments to be applied to the simulation. All vlog and vopt arguments
must come before -R is specified, as all arguments specified after -R are interpreted as vsim
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Also I am using the following command :


qverilog +incdir+$UVM_HOME/src $UVM_HOME/src/uvm.sv +incdir+. hello_world.sv -R -sv_lib $UVM_HOME/win64/uvm_dpi
where UVM_HOME is set in Cygwin as : export UVM_HOME=C:/\cygwin/\home/\chandan/\uvm-1.1d/\uvm-1.1d
Please suggest if any changes are required.
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