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  1. Also I am using the following command : qverilog +incdir+$UVM_HOME/src $UVM_HOME/src/uvm.sv +incdir+. hello_world.sv -R -sv_lib $UVM_HOME/win64/uvm_dpi where UVM_HOME is set in Cygwin as : export UVM_HOME=C:/\cygwin/\home/\chandan/\uvm-1.1d/\uvm-1.1d Please suggest if any changes are required. Regards, Chandan
  2. Thanks Dave for pointing out the -R switch ..I looked in the manual : -R <vsim_options> Specifies valid vsim arguments to be applied to the simulation. All vlog and vopt arguments must come before -R is specified, as all arguments specified after -R are interpreted as vsim arguments.
  3. Hi Alan, Thanks a lot. It is working now. I earlier had problem with DPI lib part. It was solved by using Dave's suggestion in go.mentor.com/uvm1-0-questa. By using compiled DPI lib of questa. Still I was not able to run using qverilog command. Regards, Chandan
  4. Hi, I am trying to run uvm code using qverilog command using shell script as : qverilog \ -timescale "1ns/1ns" \ -mfcu \ +acc=rmb \ +incdir+../../../../../src+../sv\ ../../../../../src/uvm.sv\ $TB_HOME/tb_top.sv \ -R \ -sv_lib ../../../../../win32/uvm_dpi -supress 2181\ +UVM_TESTNAME=$TEST_NAME\ -c \ -do "run -all; q" \ -l questa.log I get the error as : ** Error: ../../../../../src/uvm_pkg.sv(27): near "package": syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting class ./examples/tb_top.sv: line 1: ///*-----------------------------------------------------------------: No such file or directory ./examples/tb_top.sv: line 2: //File: No such file or directory Where starting lines of tb_top are commented, but it is expecting file names there. Please help. Regards, Chandan
  5. I am able to run by defining -sv_lib as suggested in http://go.mentor.com/uvm1-0-questa. qverilog +incdir+../../../src ../../../src/uvm.sv +incdir+. ${FILES} -R -sv_lib ../../../win64/uvm_dpi
  6. Hi Alan, Thanks for your reply. I have mingw-4.2.1 in questa-10.0b installation.Now I cd to uvm-1.1d/uvm-1.1d/examples/simple/hello_world. Then run : vlib work vlog +incdir+../../../src ../../../src/uvm_pkg.sv ../../../src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc which gives following error message : Top level modules: --none-- ** Error: (vlog-71) Creation of "work/_dpi/qv_dpi.dll" failed with the error messages given below. work/_dpi/uvm_dpi.obj:uvm_dpi.cc:(.text+0x13): undefined reference to `regfree' work/_dpi/uvm_dpi.obj:uvm_dpi.cc:(.text+0x4b): undefined reference to `regexec' work/_dpi/uvm_dpi.obj:uvm_dpi.cc:(.text+0x74): undefined reference to `regcomp' work/_dpi/uvm_dpi.obj:uvm_dpi.cc:(.text+0x745): undefined reference to `regcomp' work/_dpi/uvm_dpi.obj:uvm_dpi.cc:(.text+0x760): undefined reference to `regexec' work/_dpi/uvm_dpi.obj:uvm_dpi.cc:(.text+0x76e): undefined reference to `regfree' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Please help. Regards, Chandan
  7. Hi Dave, I am getting the following errors : /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/gcc-4.2.1-mingw32vc9/bin/g++.exe -g -DQUESTA -W -shared -Bsymbolic -x c -I/cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/include ../../../src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc -o ../../../lib/uvm_dpi.dll /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/win32/mtipli.dll -lregex In file included from ../../../src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc:34: ../../../src/dpi/uvm_regex.cc:26:22: error: vpi_user.h: No such file or directory Please help Regards, Chandan
  8. Hi Swapnil,Dave, I have cygwin and able to run hello_world example of uvm-1.0pl only with it in questa 10.0b. As pointed out by Dave in http://forums.accellera.org/topic/767-questasim-with-cygwin/ . But after that I am not able to proceed neither I am able to run ubus examples in uvm-1,0pl nor able to compile dpi library in other versions. Kindly help
  9. hi uwes, thanks a lot it is working perfectly. Regards, Chandan
  10. Hi Dave, Coming back to this post again. How to compile the DPI library in questa 10.0b. If I use makefile provided in uvm1.0p1. Messages are : ------------------------------------------ make -f Makefile.questa BITS=32 dpi_lib make[1]: Entering directory `/home/chandan/uvm-1.0p1/examples/simple/hello_world' mkdir -p /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uvm-1.0p1/lib g++ -m32 -fPIC -DQUESTA -g -W -shared -I/cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/win32/include /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uv m-1.0p1/src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc -o /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uvm-1.0p1/lib/uvm_dpi.so /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uvm-1.0p1/src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc:1: warning: -fPIC ignored for target (all code is position inde pendent) /tmp/cc9FrhXe.o: In function `uvm_hdl_max_width': /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uvm-1.0p1/src/dpi/uvm_hdl.c:51: undefined reference to `_vpi_handle_by_name' /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uvm-1.0p1/src/dpi/uvm_hdl.c:56: undefined reference to `_vpi_get_value' /tmp/cc9FrhXe.o: In function `uvm_hdl_set_vlog_partsel': ------------------------------------------etc The earlier solution is working as you suggested. Thanks and Regards, Chandan
  11. hi uwe, thanks for your reply. i am able to run with ius 10.20s10 version. but is there a way to compile the dpi library with ius 10.20-p008 regards, Chandan
  12. Hi All, I am new to methodology. The command I am using: 1) irun $UVMHOME/src/uvm_pkg.sv $UVMHOME/src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc -incdir $UVMHOME/src test.sv Following is the log message as it appears : irun: 10.20-p008: © Copyright 1995-2010 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. file: /projects1/tools/methodology_library/uvm/1.1a/src/uvm_pkg.sv package worklib.uvm_pkg:sv errors: 0, warnings: 0 file: test.sv module worklib.top:sv errors: 0, warnings: 0 $CDSROOT = /projects1/tools/cadence/old_version/incisive/ccstools/cdsind1/Software/INCISIV102_lnx86 $TESTDIR = ........./test_install TOOL: ncsc 10.20-p008 ncsc C++ parameters: ncsc -COMPILER $CDSROOT/tools/systemc/gcc/4.4/bin/g++ -f ./INCA_libs/irun.lnx86.10.20.nc/ncsc_run/ncsc_obj/ncsc.args -MANUAL -CFLAGS "-DNCSC -I$CDSROOT/tools/systemc/include_pch -I$CDSROOT/tools/tbsc/include -I$CDSROOT/tools/vic/include -I$CDSROOT/tools/ovm/sc/src -I$CDSROOT/tools/uvm/uvm_lib/uvm_sc/sc -I$CDSROOT/tools/uvm/uvm_lib/uvm_ml/sc -I$CDSROOT/tools/systemc/include/tlm2 -c -x c++ -Wall -I$CDSROOT/tools/include -I$CDSROOT/tools/inca/include" make: `INCA_libs/irun.lnx86.10.20.nc/ncsc_run/ncsc_obj/uvm_dpi.o' is up to date. make: `...../uvm/test_install/./INCA_libs/irun.lnx86.10.20.nc/librun.so' is up to date. Caching library 'worklib' ....... Done Elaborating the design hierarchy: Top level design units: uvm_pkg top $uvm_type_name(r,val); | ncelab: *W,MISSYST (/projects1/tools/methodology_library/uvm/1.1a/src/deprecated/uvm_type_utils.svh,33|22): Unrecognized system task or function (did not match built-in or user-defined names) [2.7.4(IEEE Std 1364-2001)]. If item was defined in a shared-object library, the problem could be: libvpi.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory or file is not valid ELFCLASS32 library. libpli.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory or file is not valid ELFCLASS32 library.. ncelab: *F,INTERR: INTERNAL EXCEPTION ----------------------------------------------------------------- The tool has encountered an unexpected condition and must exit. TOOL: ncelab 10.20-p008 HOSTNAME: PEHWTRGSERVR1 OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux 2.6.18-274.el5 #1 SMP Fri Jul 8 17:36:59 EDT 2011 x86_64 MESSAGE: sv_seghandler - trapno -1 addr(0xFF060FE0) ----------------------------------------------------------------- csi-ncelab - CSI TRIAL: Cadence Support Investigation, sending details to ncelab.err csi-ncelab - CSI TRIAL: investigation complete, send ncelab.err to Cadence Support irun: *E,ELBERR: Error during elaboration (status 255), exiting. Please help. Thanks and regards, Chandan
  13. Thanks Dave. With `include "uvm_macros.svh" it works now. I am using : vlog hello_world.sv -writetoplevels questa.tops vsim -sv_lib /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/uvm-1.0p1/lib/uvm_dpi -c -do "run -all; q" -f questa.tops Is there any better option with switches or any modification needed?
  14. Thanks Dave. I have now: 1) $MTI_HOME as /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b 2)$UVM_HOME as /cygdrive/c/questasim_10.0b/verilog_src/uvm-1.0p1 But I am still getting error as : $ vlog hello_world.sv QuestaSim vlog 10.0b Compiler 2011.05 May 5 2011 -- Compiling module hello_world -- Importing package mtiUvm.uvm_pkg (uvm-1.0p1 Built-in) ** Error: packet.sv(29): (vlog-2163) Macro `uvm_object_utils_begin is undefined. ** Error: packet.sv(29): near "(": syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting function or task ** Error: packet.sv(30): (vlog-2163) Macro `uvm_field_int is undefined. ** Error: packet.sv(31): (vlog-2163) Macro `uvm_object_utils_end is undefined.
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