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Can't record dynamic array in sequence item in QuestaSim 10.3a_1

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I am using QuestaSim 10.3a_1 and try to record a dynamic array in the sequence item. But it doesn't show in the waveform window. When I try to fix the array size and use uvm_field_sarray_int to record it, it works well and data show as expected in the waveform windows.

My code:

# sequence item
parameter int P_BIT_DEPTH = 10;
rand int unsigned data_len;
rand bit unsigned [P_BIT_DEPTH-1:0] data [];
`uvm_field_array_int(data, UVM_ALL_ON+UVM_UNSIGNED)
`uvm_field_int (data_len, UVM_ALL_ON+UVM_UNSIGNED)
constraint c_data_size { data.size() == data_len; };
constraint c_data_size_order { solve data_len before data; };

# Sequence body task
if (! req.randomize() with { data_len == 2; })
`uvm_error(tID, "Can't randomize ingress packet")

req.sprintf() always prints the right information, no matter data is dynamic or static array.


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Recoding dynamically sized arrays and queues requires the the vsim -classdebug switch. Use of the `uvm_field macros are not required. Check the reference manual for other options related to the "add wave" command regarding dynamic memories. For more help, please contact Mentor Support.

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