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overriding a registered local variable in a sequence from test

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Following is the example


class my_sequence extends uvm_sequence...


string file_name;








class basic_test extends from uvm_test


function build_phase(..)

set_config_string("*", "file_name", abc.txt);






I am passing file_name(abc.txt) from test with set_config_string, but, it is not taking effect.


I did the same thing in driver. it worked well. does UVM supports, overriding local variables in sequence.


Please let me know...




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Sequences are uvm_object's; whereas, the driver is a uvm_component. The field automation macros automatic configuration fetching works due to super.build_phase automation. You will need to do two things:


  1. Add the following in your sequence: 
  2. In function pre_start add: 

Notice that the information is tied to the sequencer that the sequence is running on.

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