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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Folks, Interestingly today making some tweaks I faced a scenario with overrides. Suppose I add some variables in the extended class which are not present in the base class. Then I called the uvm_set_type_override from my top test. Interestingly I wanted to access those newly added variables in final_phase of some component , but during the simulator compile/elaboration phase it fails since the overrides are active during Simulation run-UVM_BUILD_PHASE. So my question is , if someone using some legacy code and wanted to update the stuff without re-writing again/or major changes , extended from base, then only overrides possible are those that will be active during simulation run , for an example , setting default sequence to driver with override. So there is no way we could leverage it. I am wandering , if TLM-GP extensions implementation may provide my some idea to do this. Any suggestions ??? If needed a code to see I saved the stuff http://www.edaplayground.com/x/2Ltr Line 156 is point of interest
  2. Hello, We have a test bench environment where we have 2 objects of the same SPI env class. The SPI env sets the sequencer for the RAL model as follows: reg_model.default_map.set_sequencer(spi_master_agt.mem_sqr, reg2spi_adapter); The transaction type handled by the spi_master_agt.mem_sqr is spi_mem_tr. Now I need to extend the spi_mem_tr to spi_mem_tr_1 and spi_mem_tr_2, and then override spi_mem_tr with those separately for the 2 objects of the SPI env class. // Below does not work set_inst_override_by_type ( .relative_inst_path("env.spi_m[0].*"), // Here spi_m[0] is the first instance of the SPI env .original_type(spi_mem_tr::get_type()), .override_type(spi_mem_tr_1::get_type())); set_inst_override_by_type ( .relative_inst_path("env.spi_m[1].*"), // Here spi_m[1] is the second instance of the SPI env .original_type(spi_mem_tr::get_type()), .override_type(spi_mem_tr_2::get_type())); // This does not work too! set_inst_override_by_type ( .relative_inst_path("env.*"), .original_type(spi_mem_tr::get_type()), .override_type(spi_mem_tr_1::get_type())); // Even this does not work! // So looks like "inst" override by type does not work for tr objects in RAL // connecting agents? set_inst_override_by_type ( .relative_inst_path("*"), .original_type(spi_mem_tr::get_type()), .override_type(spi_mem_tr_1::get_type())); // Other the other hand, below works, BUT that overrides the tr in both SPI env objects // That is not what I want; I need to override using different types for the // two SPI env objects spi_mem_tr::type_id::set_type_override(spi_mem_tr_1::get_type()); Questions: Is it possible to do instance specific overrides over transaction class inside the SPI agent connecting to my RAL model? If so, what is the correct way to set the relative_inst_path? If not, are there any hacks to achieve the same? The fact that the global type override does work gives me some hope.
  3. Is there any way in which we could override the run_test function from the "uvm_root" class .. ? The reason i am asking this is that .. when i pass the test name via +UVM_TESTNAME="test1" I could like the run_test to run the test "test1" or some other test based on a different command line option .. E.g. If is send +UVM_TESTNAME="test1" ... run_test should run "test1" but if i send +UVM_TESTNAME="test1" +override_test , run_test should run "test2"... so basically in the run_test() task I could like to have something as below : test_override = uvm_cmdline_proc.get_arg_matches("+override_test",override); if ( override.size() == 1 ) run_test("test2"); else run_test(); Can this be done .. ?
  4. Following is the example class my_sequence extends uvm_sequence... string file_name; `uvm_object_utils_begin(mysequence) `uvm_field_string(file_name,UVM_DEFAULT) `uvm_object_utils_end endclass class basic_test extends from uvm_test function build_phase(..) set_config_string("*", "file_name", abc.txt); endfunction endclass.. I am passing file_name(abc.txt) from test with set_config_string, but, it is not taking effect. I did the same thing in driver. it worked well. does UVM supports, overriding local variables in sequence. Please let me know... Thanks, Satya
  5. What is the easiest way to get my simulation to die upon reaching the first UVM_ERROR? (I suppose the reporting class could be extended and overridden, or something like that, but if it gets too complicated (as this is not smthg I expect to do much), I'll just temporarily change the offending statements to `uvm_fatals....which is what I just did.) Is there a built-in switch or define that I can override at the command line?
  6. I am trying to recreate/understand a testbench problem I currently have by creating a small example. In creating that small example, I am running into a problem. Below, in the "try1" and "try2" lines, I am attempting to override apple with orange. Can anyone tell me what I am doing incorrectly? package my_pkg; import uvm_pkg::*; `include "uvm_macros.svh" class orange extends uvm_component; `uvm_component_utils(orange) function new(string name, uvm_component parent); super.new(name,parent); endfunction : new task run_phase (uvm_phase phase); `uvm_info("UVC","run_phase: Executing. Orange <<<<<<<<<<<<<",UVM_LOW) endtask : run_phase endclass : orange class apple extends uvm_component; `uvm_component_utils(apple) function new(string name, uvm_component parent); super.new(name,parent); endfunction : new task run_phase (uvm_phase phase); `uvm_info("UVC","run_phase: Executing. Apple run_phase<<<<<<<<<<",UVM_LOW) endtask : run_phase endclass : apple class my_testbench extends uvm_component; apple my_uvc; `uvm_component_utils(my_testbench) function new(string name, uvm_component parent); super.new(name, parent); endfunction : new function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase); super.build_phase(phase); //try1 apple::type_id::set_type_override(orange::get_type()); my_uvc=apple::type_id::create("my_uvc",this); endfunction : build_phase task run_phase (uvm_phase phase); `uvm_info("TESTBENCH","run_phase: Executing. Testbench run_phase<<<<<<<<<<<",UVM_LOW) endtask : run_phase endclass : my_testbench endpackage : my_pkg module top; import uvm_pkg::*; `include "uvm_macros.svh" import my_pkg::*; my_testbench testbench; initial begin //try2 apple::type_id::set_type_override(orange::get_type()); $display("******Start of Sim w/ the kids*******************"); testbench = my_testbench::type_id::create("testbench",null); run_test(); end endmodule : top Running with Cadence irun 13.1, I get the following error when I try "try1". UVM_FATAL @ 0: reporter [FCTTYP] Factory did not return a component of type 'apple'. A component of type 'orange' was returned instead. Name=my_uvc Parent=my_testbench contxt=testbench irun -sv top.sv -uvm
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