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problem about macro `uvm_analysis_imp_decl

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Hi, experts,

There is several drivers and one subscriber. I put one uvm_analysis_port in each driver and several imps in the subscriber via using macro `uvm_analysis_imp_decl(_a), `uvm_analysis_imp_decl(_b, etc.

Also Implement functions write_a(), write_b(), etc. write_a() and write_b() have different processing logic. Then, the uvm_analysis_port in each driver invokes one of the functions write_a(), write_b(), etc.


But the VCS reports such an error:


Could not find member 'write_a' in class 'uvm_analysis_port', at
Is there anybody to handle my problem? Thanks in advance!
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You should be calling write() in the analysis_port, not write_a - the analysis_imp automatically translates your call to write to write_a and so on,





Alan, thanks for your reply. I have using uvm_analysis_tlm_fifo instead of uvm_analysis_imp_decl. Hope it will work well.

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