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I am currently running the built-in uvm_mem_single_walk_seq on an internal RAM. The sequence is really nice, but there does seem to be one glitch with it. It loops through all addresses of the RAM from the beginning to the end, ~incrementing by 1~. This mode isn't supported in our RAM because addresses must be incremented by 4.

Am I using the seq incorrectly somehow? If not, then is it possible to change the sequence to have the increment value be programmable (using the uvm_resource_db)?


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Hi David,

Sorry for the late reply (holidays and all that). In your create_map call you specify "word addressing" (the last parameter). The documentation states:

"byte_addressing specifies whether consecutive addresses refer are 1 byte apart (TRUE) or n_bytes apart (FALSE). Default is TRUE."

In other words, you tell create_map that you want consecutive locations to be addressed with +1. If you set byte_addressing = 1, things should be OK.

Let me know if it works.


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