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BKM - Using Cadence Incisive with UVM?


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Hi, All -

I am looking for the best recommended methods of using Cadence Incisive with UVM. I have read some threads that suggest the following (please let me know if these are the Best Known Methods).

It looks like Cadence Incisive comes with a pre-compiled UVM libraries that enhance simvision debugging and include other useful features.

If I have read the forum correctly, one should set the UVM_HOME environmental variable to point to the Cadence UVM source directory, then execute:

irun -uvmhome $UVM_HOME ... (source files and command files) +UVM_TESTNAME=testname

There are times when we see dpi-related errors and have to add +define+UVM_NO_DPI to the command line. Is there a better option to avoid the dpi-errors?

The next question is related to re-running simulation without recompilation (using new tests or new VERBOCITY settings). I would typically do this using ncsim, but I have read threads that suggest that this will not use the built in UVM libraries? So the question is how do I run the simulation again without re-compiling?

Thanks for the help.

Regards - Cliff Cummings

Sunburst Design, Inc.

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Hello Cliff,

You can do one of two things.

You can use -uvm as a command line option and it will automatically compile the UVM library located in the Cadence installation. This will include our TCL commands for debug, allows you to use our uvm-specific debug features, transaction recording and a few other things.

Optionally, you can set an environment variable, for example UVM_HOME, to the location of another installation of UVM and then use -uvmhome $UVM_HOME.

In both cases, you do not need to specify the files on the command-line.

Changing VERBOSITY, TESTNAME, and many other +options should not require any recompilation to occur.

I hope this helps.

Let me know.


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