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  1. @Alan - I have always used the almost-empty virtual sequencer with references to the sub-sequencers and used the env to copy the subsequencer handles to the handles declared in the virtual sequencer, then my vseq_base class would $cast the m_sequencer handle to the vseqr handle and use that handle to set the sub-sequencer handles declared in the vseq_base class. Then I could extend the vseq_base to create virtual sequences that started on the two sub-sequencer handles. Relevant code from the vseq_base and vseq classes below. Could you give an equivalent example of how you copy the hand
  2. Hi, All - I have seen examples of sequences started on a null sequencer of the form: seq.start(null). How is a sequencer specified for these sequences? Thanks. Regards - Cliff
  3. Hi, All - I am looking for the best recommended methods of using Cadence Incisive with UVM. I have read some threads that suggest the following (please let me know if these are the Best Known Methods). It looks like Cadence Incisive comes with a pre-compiled UVM libraries that enhance simvision debugging and include other useful features. If I have read the forum correctly, one should set the UVM_HOME environmental variable to point to the Cadence UVM source directory, then execute: irun -uvmhome $UVM_HOME ... (source files and command files) +UVM_TESTNAME=testname There are times when w
  4. Cliff's Pre-Read(!) Summary: Use: get_sequencer() method or the less-descriptive m_sequencer handle. Avoid: p_sequencer and `uvm_declare_p_sequencer macro. Feedback: Curious about what other engineers think of these guidelines. Also reference the thread: http://www.uvmworld.org/forums/showthread.php?427-m_sequencer-vs-p_sequencer class uvm_sequence_item extends uvm_transaction Has a protected m_sequencer handle (uses public set_sequencer and get_sequencer methods to access - see below) methods: set_sequencer: sets m_sequencer handle. (also calls m_set_p_sequencer(empty), which shou
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