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OVM_TOP & UVM_TOP under one test bench roof

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Can I have few test bench components following OVM methodology and few others compliant to UVM under a single test bench hierarchcy (provided there is no interaction required between the OVM and UVM components) ?

Is is possible to get such hierarchy compiled without any errors and simulate without any issues?

Did anyone try this? Please advise.

Thanks in advance,

Pradeep H

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As soon as you ask for a single testbench hierarchy, that implies testbench interaction like phasing and end-of-test. That cannot be done without converting the OVM components to UVM first.

If you can keep the components in two separate testbench hierarchies and never have any code that imports both OVM and UVM in the same scope, that can be done. You will have to call ovm_pkg::run_test() and uvm_pkg::run_test() separately as well.

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