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I cannot hierarchically refer a function in scoreboard from sequence

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In the following code, I cannot hierarchically refer a function in scoreboard from sequence. I have to first get the scoreboard handle and then call function using the handle.

The following does not work:


The following works


What am I missing something in the first case?




class my_test2_vseq extends my_base_test_vseq;

uvm_component handle_sb;

my_scoreboard handle_my_sb0;



function new(string name="my_test2_vseq");


handle_sb = uvm_top.find("*my_sb0");

`uvm_info("",$psprintf("handle_sb %s", handle_sb.get_full_name()),UVM_LOW)

$cast(handle_my_sb0, handle_sb);

`uvm_info("",$psprintf("handle_my_sb0 %s", handle_my_sb0.get_full_name()),UVM_LOW)

endfunction : new

task body();


//uvm_test_top.env.my_env0.my_sb0.disable_scoreboard(0); //<- Does not work

handle_my_sb0.enable_scoreboard(1); // Works

#10000ns ;



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When you say "Does not work" you need to be more explicit. I'll assume you mean you are getting a compile error.


is not a hierarchical reference in the LRM terminology, it is a class member select. I'm also going to assume my_sb0 is a handle to a class that is a base class to my_scoreboard, so you will need to cast that the same as you did with handle_sb.

In any case, using find is preferred over using what looks like a hierarchical reference because is is less re-usable as your testbench component hierarchy changes.

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