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  1. Hi, I am diagnosed with ‘Wrist tendinitis’/’tenosynovitis’ due to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Hence I started using speech recognition as much as possible. On windows, controls are 80% accurate and dictation is 50% accurate. With practice, I am trying to use keyboard and voice recognition just the same way a pianist would sing. I think with the wealth of research in speech recognition, it is possible to get a decent accuracy 1. for coding (UVM, systemverilog) as there are predefined set of keywords, classes, functions etc. 2. for GUI tool controls An example of coding: to see
  2. I had to add explicit predictor. It calls the sample function. What is the reason sampling is not called for auto prediction? Kal
  3. I'm using Mentor's Questa for simulation. I don't see 'set_covergroup' command. By the way the report does include per_instance... For ralgen I used the following command: ralgen -l sv -t Mychip__Bus_2013_02_28_r0 -uvm -c a ralfconv.ralf -o ral_Mychip__Bus_2013_02_28_r0.svh To get cover report, I used the following command: coverage report -detail -cvg -comments -option -file fcover_report.txt Here's extract from log: Covergroup instance \/mychip_pkg::ral_block_Mychip__Bus_2013_02_28_r0_spi_module_1::cg_addr 0.0% 100 ZER
  4. Hello, Ralgen is being used to generate UVM regmodel with address map coverage. I see the corresponding constructs. However when on simulating, the tool shows zero percent coverage. Wonder what I might be missing. Do I need to use sample() function explicitly? If so, how can I use it with pre-built UVM sequences? Kal In my uvm test, I have the following code: uvm_reg::include_coverage("*", UVM_CVR_ALL); super.build_phase(phase); endfunction : build_phase // void task run_phase(uvm_phase phase); super.run_phase(phase); void'(sve.m_spiup_regmodel.set_coverage(UVM_CVR
  5. In the following code, I cannot hierarchically refer a function in scoreboard from sequence. I have to first get the scoreboard handle and then call function using the handle. The following does not work: uvm_test_top.env.my_env0.my_sb0.disable_scoreboard(0); The following works handle_my_sb0.enable_scoreboard(1); What am I missing something in the first case? Thanks, Kal =========== class my_test2_vseq extends my_base_test_vseq; uvm_component handle_sb; my_scoreboard handle_my_sb0; `uvm_object_utils(my_test2_vseq) `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(my_virtual_sequencer)
  6. Hi, I am having code like this uvm_tlm_analysis_fifo#(an_item) before0_fifo an_item before0_trans; In a task I have the following code before0_fifo.try_get(before0_trans); `uvm_info(get_type_name(), $psprintf("Inside task comparer3: Transfer collected :\n%s", before0_trans.sprint()), UVM_FULL); The execution is returning "NULL pointer dereference." when there are no objects in 'before0_fifo'. I was expecting try_get to be 1. Non-blocking 2. if there are no objects in before0_fifo, then before0_trans should have had previouly gotten value. (As per the UVM Class Reference ma
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