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ncsim: Unable to load the default library libdpi

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this only happens if you compile in the old 3step mode (ncvlog/ncelab/ncsim) and you miss to supply the shared libraries (either the precompiled libuvmdpi.so, libuvmpli.so) or if you compile the dpi code yourself and forgot the -sv_lib ..../yourlib.so

(btw the right set of switches are in another post here in the forum, search for "loadpli")

much simpler is the invocation using "irun -uvmhome <your-uvm> ...."


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I am using the 3step mode (ncvlog/ncelab/ncsim). I am also getting this same error. I understood the addition of the precompiled libuvmdpi.so. I am not adding the libuvmdpi.so because I am compiling the full source code of "uvm_pkg" .  Is it mandatory to add the libuvmdpi.so even if I am compiling the full source for "uvm_pkg" ?

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Well, that particular error is gone when I defined the following



check this file for reference: uvm-1.1d/src/dpi/uvm_dpi.svh


I guess the function uvm_hdl_deposit has to do something with C library. No sure if the define will cause some other example not to work.


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