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passing sequence name on command line at run time

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You can, but not directly. When you register a parameterized class with the factory using the the `uvm_object_param_utils macro, it does not register a string name with the factory, only by type. Therefore you can only create or override these classes by type. I see two possible options:

  • You create your own string mappings using an associate array.

    uvm_object_wrapper type_lookup_by_string[string];type_lookup_by_string = '{"myseq1_4":myseq#(1,4)::get_type(),                                        "myseq2_8":myseq#(2,8)::get_type()};...factory.create_object_by_type(type_lookup_by_string["myseq2_8"],...);
  • You register the class with the factory using the uvm_object_registry class and provide a string mapping there. See the probe class in my DVCon paper.

    class myseq #(int A, extends uvm_sequence;typedef uvm_object_registry #(myseq#(A,),$sformatf("myseq%0d_%0d",A,) type_id;...factory.create_object_by_name("myseq2_8",...);
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