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UVM Phase Jump

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It's even harder when you consider that you may be importing 3rd party VIP, which may not take phase jumping into account.

I would also suggest to you that the real definition of all these phases is also not well defined. For example, some components might distinguish between hard and soft resets differently. What about components that can selectively power on/off? Should all components be reset at the same time (other than at power up?


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I see your point. However, I cannot really deny the importance of a having a mechanism that can reset all/part of TE components automatically. Given a case where I have a stimulus that will inject a critical fault that require the whole bench to reset the IP. embedding that fault injection within sequences will have a side impact on regressions. It will be harder (but not impossible) to balance the fault injection to be in a moderate rate. I cannot see such an implementation mature for a long time running project.


Taking all of your concerns into considerations, I believe we can use it in a very strict manner.

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