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Creating an array of sc_modules that is synthesizable


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I am trying to create an array of sc_modules in systemc, but I need the code to be synthesizable. 
If the code wasn't for synthesis a pointer array or an sc_vector would be okay for creating the modules. But how would you create a set number of modules if it is for synthesis?
Thanks in advance!

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16 hours ago, David Black said:

This is highly dependent on your synthesis vendor's support. Please ask the vendor.

Worst case you could probably use something like m4 to do the job.


Thanks for the answer! I am using vivado hls and as far as I know the only way to initialize modules is this way:
Mymodule m;
SC_CTOR(Mymodule2): m("m"){

I don't see a way of initialising an array with this limitation. 
Also may I ask what is m4? Thanks!

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