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collector for uvm types

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Just realize that tlm fifo is a templated specialization of uvm_component. I wanted to collect all such tlm fifoes, in an environment developed my scores of people, and thereby have handy access to tlm fifo allowing me to control/be aware of the "size" - unbounded and unconnected tlm fifoes have been a source of bother.

I can however collect tlm fifoes in a "uvm_component" type array :- is there a distinguishing property that can be accessed in a uvm_component indicating it is a "tlm fifo type"?

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Since tlm_fifo is not registered with factory, you can use uvm_root::find_all() to get a list of all components, and then iterate over the list using $cast() to select the types you are interested in.

Dave, The issue is that the uvm_tlm_fifo_base#(T) class is parameterized, and extends directly off the uvm_component. Therefore, to get all possible specializations of the tlm fifo, thru' $cast from a uvm_component list, would require I have access to ALL transaction types - this is not much different from the problem that I started off with.

Can you explain pls - i likely didnt follow,

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