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Can I bind an sc_port to sc_export?


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I have a systemC module having an input sc_in<bool> and an output sc_export<sc_core::sc_signal_inout_if<bool>>. How can I route the signal values coming on the input systemc port to the export port? Is that even doable and under which conditions?



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Yes and no.

SystemC ports (e.g., sc_port<T>) sit on the boundary of a SystemC module to allow communication with external channels. They point outward from a module towards the channel. SystemC exports point inward towards a channel within the module or within submodules via additional export.

sc_in<T> is a partial template specialization of sc_port using an sc_signal_in_if<T>.

So the answer to your question depends on where the ports are located vs. the module and channel.

A picture would help.

What books on SystemC have your read?

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@David Black As proposed, here is an illustration of what I try to achieve. In the original design, I have SystemC modules "A" and "C" connected directly, where the sc_port of the module "C" uses the Interface provided by sc_export of module "A". Now, I added a module "B" which is supposed to route flexibly the signals and forward their values to destination. I succeeded to achieve the binding between modules "A", "B" and "C" as illustrated in the picture. But I am not sure how to forward efficiently the values from the sc_port of the "B" module to the sc_export of that same module to be consumed by the Module "C" as done originally.

Is the sketch clear?

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