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SC_CTHREAD slows down simulation


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Hey all.

i am a novice user of SystemC, and couldn't find an answer to the following question?

ive noticed that when ever i tried using SC_CTHREAD(proc_name, clk.pos()) -> the simulation time was increased significantly (to a level where it appeared to be stuck).

what is the right use of SC_CTHREAD so that it doesnt jam the simulation?

i am adding an example of what i did:

SC_CTHREAD(monitor_intr_in, clk.pos());


void TMG_helper::monitor_intr_in() {

   while(true) {
        cout << "i am here" << endl;


thank you in advance !

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6 hours ago, Timur Kelin said:

Hi Roman

Could you please recommend a multi-threaded profiler for SC. I tried making use of gprof but with no success. 

Many commercial SystemC tools have SystemC-specific profilers measuring runtimes of SC processes. On Windows I usually use Visual Studio built-in profiler. I don't have experience with profiling on Linux.

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On 1/16/2020 at 9:44 AM, Meir said:


thanks for replying.

the code that i posted was a snippet.

it did include the wait() statement.

so my questions still remains:

1. what is the right use case for SC_CTHREAD ?

2. why in my give example the simulation gets "stuck" ?



Your simulation was stuck because it was not proceeding with time ... 

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