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  1. Thanks @Bas Arts , Thanks for checking. Seems either the compiler or the system has some issues. Regards, Sumit
  2. Hi @David Black, Following is the reduced version of the class: # ifndef BLAH_H_ # define BLAH_H_ class Blah final : sc_core::sc_module { private : double ThisOneWillAlsoNotLetWrite { 0.0 } ; public : sc_core::sc_signal < double > IWillNotLetYouWrite { "IWillNotLetYouWrite" } ; SC_HAS_PROCESS (Blah) ; explicit Blah(const sc_core::sc_module_name& ModuleName_) : sc_core::sc_module { ModuleName_ } {} ~Blah() final = default ; Blah& operator=(const Blah& other) = delete ; Blah(const Bla
  3. Possibly not. It even cannot write a simple double public member variable.
  4. Hello All, I have a module, which have a public member function which when called will write some values in a signal declared within the module. I can write into the signal from within the module. But if I try to access member function from outside the module instance, I get a crash. When I am trying to debug it, I find the following message: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. t0x00000000080869c6 in sc_core::sc_signal_t<double, (sc_core::sc_writer_policy)0>::write (this=0xe8, value_=@0x7ffffea1ff00: 1) at /blah/systemc-2.3.3/include/sysc/communicatio
  5. Hello, Is gcc 9.3.0 a version for which SystemC library has been tested? Regards, Sumit
  6. I guess SC_USE_PTHREADS needs to be defined. Regards, Sumit
  7. Hi @AmeyaVS I am not building it, rather including these in my code base. Do you have any idea how to do in this case ? Regards, Sumit
  8. Hello! If I import the SystemC library into my codebase instead of compiling it separately, then, is there any compiler define or switch I can turn on to use pthreads ? Regards, Sumit
  9. Your simulation was stuck because it was not proceeding with time ...
  10. valgrind can be used as a profiler here. the tool is callgrind. kcachegrind comes with kde is a nice viewer.
  11. Hello, Please use -fdelayed-template-parsing to bypass this bug for the time being. Regards, Sumit
  12. Hello Philipp, Would it be possible to bypass the bug by explicitly deleting the destructor [public : ~mclass() = delete;] if the the chosen c++ standard is at or above c++11 ? It started hurting now. Regards, Sumit
  13. Hello All, Using get_chil d_objects() I can traverse through hierarchy and can find any ports & instances But I cannot find how these ports are connected. All what I want to do is to create a database which I can use for visualization by post processing. Is there any way to do this ? Regards, Sumit
  14. Hello Eyck, This is an amazing pointer. I see I have created a lot of confusions by vaguely putting some code and not mentioning the intent. I will never construct this object. All I am interested is accessing const uint8_t duh { 5 } ; const uint16_t notEgal { Moeglich::Egal(duh) } ; Here is what is important for me: Sometimes, I need partial template specialization of functions which is not allowed which can be enabled if I put this function inside a template class. Your link, very clearly lays down the rule. My expectation from the compiler was wrong and my use-case
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