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  1. hey. any chance getting a reply ? thank you !!
  2. hey. thanks for replying. the code that i posted was a snippet. it did include the wait() statement. so my questions still remains: 1. what is the right use case for SC_CTHREAD ? 2. why in my give example the simulation gets "stuck" ? thanks
  3. Hey all. i am a novice user of SystemC, and couldn't find an answer to the following question? ive noticed that when ever i tried using SC_CTHREAD(proc_name, clk.pos()) -> the simulation time was increased significantly (to a level where it appeared to be stuck). what is the right use of SC_CTHREAD so that it doesnt jam the simulation? i am adding an example of what i did: SC_CTHREAD(monitor_intr_in, clk.pos()); ... void TMG_helper::monitor_intr_in() { while(true) { cout << "i am here" << endl; } } thank you in advance !
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