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Deleting a binding


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I am dynamically populating a network of SC_MODULES inside a global modele `net`. As soon as I create a module `x`, I bind all ports to x (say `a` and `b`) to `sc_signal` x.a and x.b in `net`. When I simulate, all SC_MODULEs run independently and I can see values of `sc_signal`s changing when port value changes. So far so good! This has the advantage and end-user does not have to bind all the ports (many of them are really not essential).

Now I wish to connect port `a` and `b` of module `x` to port of `m` and `n` of module `y`.  Any new binding will raise an error since I am allowing maximum of 1 binding. I can change the number of binding to 2 but I am not sure if it will cost me run time penalty. If penalty is not significant I can go with this.  Anyway I was wordering, how can delete the previous binding on port `m` and `n`? Deleting the signal `y.m` and `y.n` is sufficient?

If it is not possible, I'll think of something else.

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deleting a binding is not supported.

You did not detail your scenario in terms of producer and consumer. Ports in itself are only some kind of a proxy or function-forewarder. So if you have a producer having a sc_out you cannot bind it to some sc_in port of a consumer. You alway have to have a signal in between. Or in terms of C++ a port just forwards function (an interface) but you need to have an element implementing or providing these functions (an implementation).

Bottomline: To connect some producer/writer to a consumer/reader thus fowarding a signal write you need to have a signal in between.

Best regards

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