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Config db insequence item

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uvm_sequence_item is extended from uvm_object. Unlike the OVM's get_config_* methods, the uvm_config_db#(type)::get() take context and scope arguments.

class my_bus_seq extends uvm_sequence #( my_bus_sequence_item );
  string scope_name = "";
  task body();
    my_bus_config m_config;
    if( scope_name == "" ) begin
      scope_name = get_full_name(); // this is { sequencer.get_full_name() , get_name() }
    if( !uvm_config_db #( my_bus_config )::get( null , scope_name , "my_bus_config" , m_config ) ) begin

See http://verificationacademy.com/uvm-ovm/Config/ConfiguringSequences

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I think you are confusing the set_config/get_config methods from ovm_component with the class uvm_config_db. You can use uvm_config_db anywhere, even outside any class. The key thing is understanding how the first two arguments are used to build a string name. As the end of the article points out, you can use any arbitrary string for the scope name, it doesn't have to be related to any UVM naming scheme. But it is a very good idea to use whatever naming scheme the UVM uses.

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