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  1. Hi all, What is the proper method method to enable coverage using register model?? Presently I am using uvm_reg::include_coverage("*", UVM_CVR_FIELD_VALS) in my environment class. But in my coverage report I am not able to see any hits?? What may be the problem?? Thanks and Regards, Gaurav Gupta
  2. Hi all, I am defining constraints in IP-XACT file and using it to generate ralf file from ralgen. But after reading user guide, I got constraint definition from IP-XACT is not supported in ralgen. Is there any workaround for the same??
  3. Hi All, May I please know the resources from where can I read and understand UVM register layer model. Also if I can get some examples on the same. Thanks, Gaurav
  4. The problem is: In my scoreboard code , there are two port: Driver port, Receiver port. Now while integrating I have connected receiver port to monitor, but now since DUT is transmitting so Driver port of scoreboard needs to be connected to output port of DUT. This is my problem. Thanks
  5. Thanks, I am doing the same. But this is one side connection of scoreboard, for other side connection I need to connect one port of Scorebaord to output of DUT. So how to do that??
  6. Hi All, I have scenario in which I have integrated a VIP with DUT. Now DUT is transmitting data and my monitor is collecting it. But the problem is I need to connect one port of scoreboard with output port of DUT. Is there any workaround for the same?? Thanks and Regards, Gaurav
  7. Thank you very much , got your point. Another question is can I do the same in my transaction item itself?? I mean in my_bus_sequence_item ??
  8. Thanks, But I have used the same. In my test I use uvm_set_config_db, in my sequence item use uvm_get_config_db. But the problem is get_config_db only works for components extended from uvm_object , while my sequence item extends from uvm_sequence item. Is there any solution??
  9. Hi all, May i please know if we can use get_config in sequence_item class?? I have used set_config in my test. Thanks and Regards, gaurav
  10. Hi, May i please know if there is any mechanism for wait statement in subscriber instead of callback?? I mean , if subscriber has to wait for an event. Thanks
  11. Recently in a workout, I wanted to customize compare function. First I used do_compare() , which was unsuccessful but it was successful with compare(). I want to know the difference between two . Please let me know. Thanks
  12. Hi All, Can you throw some more light on the same problem...As to where we will define these sequence?? Also cant we use arbitration algorithm for the same?? If possible can you explain with small piece of code?? Thanks a lot....
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