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UVM report_phase not being executed

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Hi all,

I have a couple of counters in my monitor's run_phase which I'm trying to print in the report_phase. But, the test itself is being killed (I cannot edit the file which is killing the test) which my monitor is still in the run_phase & hence the counters aren't being printed. Is there any way to enforce the report_phase to be run/ any way to call the report_phase from within the monitor file ?

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Yes, I know how they are killing it, but I cannot access those variables as they are neither being stored in the config_db or are being exported. But, even if the sim is getting killed, why is the report_phase not being executed.

Instead, I tried one experiment, where I'm trying to store my counters in config_db in the run_phase & in some other monitor I'm trying to get them so that I can print it.

Setting in my monitor as : uvm_config_db#(int)::set(this, "counter", counter);

Trying to get the counter in another monitor's run_phase as : uvm_config_db#(int)::get(uvm_root::get(), "*", "counter", counter). But the value is being read as 0, as in why is it not getting updated.



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again - its hard to suggest something if you cannot clarify what you mean with 'kill'. this could a everything from

- killing via 'kill -9' on the os level (or via signals to the simulator)

- $stop,$finish and friends

- via calls to uvm api methods

- through phase operations/jumps

- through a message causing the simulation to end

- through a 'coded' natural end 

- through an end of event (by "killing" the clock)

- through an end caused by external code ....


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