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How to check VCS version number?

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How can I check which VCS version I am using, from a Linux command line?



I don't want to run a sim to find this information.

I am looking for smthg like "irun -version", but for VCS.




Pre-post discovery:  It looks like "vcs -help", among other things, shows the compiler version.  


Afaik, the compiler version and simulator version are the same.  Right?  Normally, I wouldn't ask that, but I see/know that some tools (or subsections of tools) don't move in lock-step for versions (like simulators and waveform viewers).




(Posting here because I didn't easily find this in VCS documentation and had SolvNet problems, and I find it better not to ask non-proprietary questions where the answer is available to the public.)

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The below commands belongs to Linux environment in VCS


#haclus -value EngineVersion


Displays VCS Engine Version for that node


#hasys -display -attribute EngineVersion


Displays the Engine Version of all nodes in cluster


#haclus -list

Displays the name of cluster you named at the time of installation


#haclus -display

Displays Entire result of Cluser

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