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error in systemc.h 118:16 error std::gets is not declared using std::gets


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hi ,

I have updated my gcc compiler to 4.9 version . now when I compile my system C model

with g++14 compiler option enabled ,it is giving this error in systemC header file

systemc.h 118:16 error std::gets is not declared using std::gets


I was not getting this error earlier . I tried building my systemC library with ./configure CXX=g++-4.9

but the same issue comes up ..

can anyone help in this ??

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FYI,  I had errors when running "gmake check" as part of my build/install of systemc-2.3.1a.  I modified './src/systemc.h' line 120 from "using std::gets" to "using std::fgets".  The "gmake check" did complete execution after I made this change.  Although other warnings were thrown.  I am using gcc 4.8.5 that has g++ version 6.2.1 20160826  (openSUSE Leap 42.2 x86_64).

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Observation: gets() is now considered forbidden in C since it is the cause of many hack attacks to create buffer overflow. get_s is recommended because it puts an upper limit on the number of acceptable characters. Although C++ std::string can handle large strings, it could still be an issue.

I am not saying you should never use it, but please be aware. I realize our SystemC activities are usually confined to safe internal use only situations, but I can forsee examples on the open web that might lead to an issue.

[Note: I teach C/C++ security courses in addition to my SystemC activities..]

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