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"no matching function for call to ...b_transport" in ModelSim 10.4a

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I'm trying to compile a design with a TLM2 socket (simple_initiator_socket) in ModelSim (sccom). So far, the compiler returns an error saying that there is no function called b_transport.


Yet I have this same design working in the PoC SC simulator, so I'm guessing that ModelSim is doing things differently than the PoC.


However ModelSim does point out an alternative, which was to use blocking_transport_if's version. I believe this was the one used all along in the PoC, and it should be the same in ModelSim.


Any ideas?


Here are the designs:



 * RTL-to-TLM2 Adaptor

/** Includes **/
#include <tlm.h>
#include <tlm_utils/simple_initiator_socket.h>


struct rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor: public sc_channel {

  /** TLM-2 simple initiator socket **/
  tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket<rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor> rtt2a_socket;


  /** Adaptor constructor **/

  SC_HAS_PROCESS( rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor );

  rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor(sc_module_name _name) : sc_module(_name),
	                                          addr(0), data(0),
                                              { // Construct and name socket

    SC_THREAD(write_thread);                  // Register adaptor channel thread

	SC_THREAD(read_thread);                   // Register read/write method
	trans = new tlm::tlm_generic_payload;     // Create new payload instance

  ... // Variables defined here

  /** Methods **/

  // Sets up TLM2 payload
  void payload_setup(tlm::tlm_generic_payload* trans,
	                 tlm::tlm_command cmd,
					 signed short& data,
					 uint64 addr)

	  // Initialize 8 out of the 10 TLM-2 attributes, byte_enable_length and extensions being unused
      trans->set_data_ptr(reinterpret_cast<unsigned char*>(&data));


  // Local b_transport used to execute the standard TLM2 procedures
  void local_b_transport() {

	  payload_setup(trans, cmd, data, addr);  // Payload setup

	  rtt2a_socket->b_transport(*trans, sc_time(SC_ZERO_TIME)); // Blocking transport call

	  // Initiator obliged to check response status and delay
	  if (trans->is_response_error())
	    SC_REPORT_ERROR("TLM-2", "Response error from b_transport");


  // Memory write procedure
  void mem_write() {

      cmd = tlm::TLM_WRITE_COMMAND;           // Set command 


      local_b_transport();                    // Call local b_transport


  // Memory read procedure
  void mem_read() {

      cmd = tlm::TLM_READ_COMMAND;            // Set command 

      local_b_transport();                    // Call local b_transport






 * Generic memory instance, mostly inspired by Doulos' example


/** Includes **/
#include <tlm.h>
#include <tlm_utils/simple_target_socket.h>


struct gen_mem: sc_module {
  /** TLM-2 simple target socket **/

  tlm_utils::simple_target_socket<gen_mem> mem_socket;

  /** Generic memory constructor **/

  SC_CTOR(gen_mem) : mem_socket("mem_socket") {

    // Register callback for incoming b_transport interface method call
    mem_socket.register_b_transport(this, &gen_mem::b_transport);
	dont_initialize(); // Mark to not initialize thread

    // Initialize memory with random data

  // TLM-2 blocking transport method
  virtual void b_transport(tlm::tlm_generic_payload& trans, sc_time& delay) {

    tlm::tlm_command cmd = trans.get_command();         // Get command
    sc_dt::uint64    adr = trans.get_address();         // Get address
    unsigned char*   ptr = trans.get_data_ptr();        // Get data pointer
    unsigned int     len = trans.get_data_length();     // Get data length
    unsigned char*   byt = trans.get_byte_enable_ptr(); // Get byte enable pointer
    unsigned int     wid = trans.get_streaming_width(); // Get streaming width

    // Obliged to check address range and check for unsupported features
    if (adr >= sc_dt::uint64(MEM_SIZE) || byt != 0 || len > 16 || wid < len)
      SC_REPORT_ERROR("TLM-2", "Target does not support given generic payload transaction");

    // Obliged to implement read and write commands
    if (cmd == tlm::TLM_READ_COMMAND) {                 // Read command
	  memcpy(ptr, &mem[adr], len);                      // Use memcopy function to copy memory address pointer

//	  cout << sc_time_stamp() << " MEMORY: Reading value " << *(mem+adr) << " @" << adr << endl;


    else if (cmd == tlm::TLM_WRITE_COMMAND) {           // Write command

      memcpy(&mem[adr], ptr, len);                      // Use memcopy function to copy to memory

//	  cout << sc_time_stamp() << " MEMORY: Writing value " << *ptr << " @" << adr << endl;


	else if (cmd == tlm::TLM_IGNORE_COMMAND) {          // Reset command

	  mem_reset();                                      // Reset memory

//	  cout << sc_time_stamp() << " MEMORY: Reset requested" << endl;

	  SC_REPORT_ERROR("TLM-2", "Command not supported");
    // Obliged to set response status to indicate successful completion
	// Realize wait delay to advance simulation time



  unsigned short mem[MEM_SIZE];                         // Memory array instance

  void mem_reset() {

	  for (int i = 0; i < MEM_SIZE; i++)
		mem[i] = 0x21;                                  // 33 in decimals




Error printout

# Model Technology ModelSim PE sccom 10.4a compiler 2015.03 Mar 25 2015
# In file included from source/testbench/../module/c/memory.h:11,
#                  from source/testbench/cpu_testbench.h:11,
#                  from source/testbench/cpu_testbench.cpp:5:
# source/testbench/../module/c/rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor.h: In member function 'void rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor::local_b_transport()':
# source/testbench/../module/c/rtl_to_tlm2_adaptor.h:148: error: no matching function for call to 'tlm::tlm_fw_transport_if<tlm::tlm_base_protocol_types>::b_transport(tlm::tlm_generic_payload&, sc_core::sc_time)'
# C:/modeltech_pe_10.4a\include\systemc/tlm_core/tlm_2/tlm_2_interfaces/tlm_fw_bw_ifs.h:54: note: candidates are: void tlm::tlm_blocking_transport_if<TRANS>::b_transport(TRANS&, sc_core::sc_time&) [with TRANS = tlm::tlm_generic_payload]
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The only thing that looks weird to me is that you're calling b_transport with an argument sc_time(SC_ZERO_TIME). What happens if you call it with just SC_ZERO_TIME?


The error message seems to be saying it's looking for a function prototype that takes an argument passed by value rather than by reference, so perhaps calling the copy constructor explicity is confusing something?



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My bad, seems to me like I should have used a proper variable rather than calling it directly like I did.


I declared an sc_time var called delay and initialised it to SC_ZERO_TIME and used that in the b_transport call. That did the job.


Btw to answer your question, it didn't solve the problem.

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