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New to UVM - facing problem with Questasim 10.0c

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Hello Friends,

I am new to UVM and very very eager to learn it, I am using windows version of Questasim10.0c, I download the uvm package from accellera. I tried to compile and run code from the the integrated examples - "ubus".

1. Created a project in the below folder "uvm-1.1\examples\integrated\ubus

2. I have added all the files in the folder "uvm-1.1\examples\integrated\ubus\sv"

3. Compiled the files, and facing problems with compilation itself.

errors while trying to compile "ubus_master_driver.sv"

** Error: D:/methodologY/UVM/uvm-1.1/examples/integrated/ubus/sv/ubus_master_driver.sv(28): near "uvm_driver": syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER

** Error: D:/methodologY/UVM/uvm-1.1/examples/integrated/ubus/sv/ubus_master_driver.sv(28): Error in class extension specification.

** Error: D:/methodologY/UVM/uvm-1.1/examples/integrated/ubus/sv/ubus_master_driver.sv(37): (vlog-2163) Macro `uvm_component_utils_begin is undefined.

** Error: D:/methodologY/UVM/uvm-1.1/examples/integrated/ubus/sv/ubus_master_driver.sv(37): near "(": syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting function or task.

Please help me out, i am very eager to learn this language.

With Regards


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I guess based on the error message that you have to setup your "+incdir" path or "-L" library path correct inside of your makefile.

If you are interested in learning UVM you could try to use the UVM version which comes with 10.0c (At least the linux version).



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Thanks for your inputs frodus,

But, i am not using any make file here to compile the files, all i did is just select all the files and did a compile through the GUI, i request you to assist me further on this.

please give me suggestions/inputs on running few examples in my Windows questasim, i do not have access to linux version of questasim.

With Regards


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Look at $QUESTA_HOME/verilog_src/uvm-1.1/examples for a quick Makefile. During our training sessions we face this query often from regular Modelsim/FPGA users and we show them how productive they get with Mkaefiles. BTW on WIndows you can load Cygwin (www.cygwin.com) and use it like UNIX if you wish - that increases productivity by several factors. If you still insist for a traditional GUI based example, drop us an email via http://www.cvcblr.com/about_us - I will ask one of my students to create an example for you.

Good luck

Ajeetha, CVC


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