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Cadence IPXact -> UVM_REG Register Map generator

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Hi all,

I see cadence has a IPXACT -> UVM_RGM Register map generator, available for download from this site.

Their UVM_reference_flow package seems to imply that Cadence also offer a IPXACT -> UVM_REG register map generator. We are using Incisive 10.20.011, but cannot find reference to this generator in either the package or on the UVMWORLD site.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?



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>Is it recommended/replaced/deprecated?

as said before: the Cadence register generator is avail upon request. It is not yet shipped as part of the standard install (that might change with newer versions). At the time of the register discussion the Accellera committee determined that generators are not part of the standard and therefore the path from an alternative description such as ipxact is outside of the UVM work scope. Therefore, the Cadence register generator is recommend for use by Cadence customers and does support both the Accellera standard UVM_REG and legacy Cadence UVM_RGM users.

>We are doing IP-XACT and uvm_reg right now

that is fine. the generator is handling ipxact-1.4,1.5



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>Or to phrase differently, does this tool generate UVM standard register descriptions (i.e. exactly as called out in the reference)?


not exactly sure what specifically you are asking for? ireggen (thats the name of the tool) generates register specializations to be used with uvmreg. there is no one and only path to describe a valid register - there are simply multiple ways and each generator is free to generate whatever is inline with the given uvmreg api's. 


(it has been a decision of the working group that generators are outside of uvm. this means as consequence that there might be multiple incompatible ways to translate a given ipxact description. the easiest to illustrate is naming - what if a field/reg has the name of a reserved sv keyword? every generator may resolve this with an own strategy which is probably incompatible with the other generators. )



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