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Are task and function belong to process?

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is task and function belong to process?

In SV-2009, section 9.5 refer to as follows:

9.5 Process execution threads

SystemVerilog creates a thread of execution for the following:

— Each initial procedure

— Each final procedure

— Each always, always_comb, always_latch and always_ff procedure

— Each parallel statement in a fork-join (or join_any or join_none) statement group

— Each dynamic process

Are task and function belong to process?

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The is really a SystemVerilog question, not a base class library question. Next time please use the appropriate forum.

A task or function call does not create a new process; it is executed by the same process that calls it.

Some people think that the task calls below are creating new processes:





But the way to read this is that each statement inside fork creates a new process. In this example, a process is created for each statement, and then each process executes a task call.

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